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Ram Power Corporation is a leader in operating clean, susbtainable geothermal energy projects in North and South America. Want to learn more? Fill out our brief contact form on the right and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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9460 Double R Blvd., Suite 200
Reno, Nevada, 89521

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Excavation for Hotwell PumpsRig 104 thermasource, ThermaSource Rig at SJ9 3 WellTurbine III Reinforcement Steel Installation (2 final)DSC01779SJ 9 3 Well TestingDSC01909Ongoing Construction 12.01.10SJ Construction 20101004 (1of2)Concrete Pour (1)Condenser IIIDSC01824DSC01702Site Overview (1)ThermaSource Drill Rig Assembly (2)Picture1Turbine III Reinforcement Steel Installation (final)Turbine Convoy Leaving Corinto Port for Travel to SitePicture4Structural Steel 10.12 (1 of 2)West view of ConstructionDSC00845Unloading of Fuji Turbine at Corinto PortOngoing Construction 2Grading North area of the constructionDSC01100Picture A 147Steve's 548Steve's 541Concrete Pour for Lube Oil SlabSteve's 376